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Dave taught me to drive and I can’t recommend him enough. Dave is a great instructor with loads of patience and we had a laugh every lesson! Passing my test has been the best thing I have ever done, after I had past my test I also took motorway lessons with Dave and that gave me the confidence to drive anywhere I want, thanks Dave you’re the best x

Mandy Neal

I absolutely loved my lessons with Dave, he accommodated lessons around my work hours making it easy and convenient for me. I looked forward to every lesson! I always felt comfortable and felt like I was achieving something each time we drove. Im not really a practical person so I thought it would take me numerous attempts to pass, but I passed FIRST TIME!!

I cant thank Dave enough for the enjoyable lessons and patience!!

Tasha Wilson

Dave was a fantastic driving instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. He made me feel at ease and helped me to concur me fears of roundabouts.

Thanks Dave

Molly Jo Parker

Dave is a brilliant tutor, he really paid attention to my weaknesses and knew exactly what to target in preparation for my test so that I passed first time! He made me feel very comfortable and always had a great sense of humour during our lessons.

Hattie Caroline

Can't thank Dave enough for what he's taught me the past couple of months. Every lesson I was made to feel comfortable and very relaxed whilst learning and got me through my practical test FIRST time! Would highly recommend to anybody wanting to start learning how to drive.

Ashley McGowan

Having chatted to Dave on the phone I decided to take the plunge and start learning to be a driving instructor. Dave has been the most helpful, supportive and understanding person I have had the pleasure of learning anything from. Having spent 30 plus years driving, the tuition I received at the time of my original test and driving habits accumulated over the years meant I was a sloppy driver with lots of bad habits – Dave sorted all of this out, helping me “re-learn” how to drive correctly – I passed my Part 2 on my first attempt with only one minor fault – a testament to Dave’s excellent tuition.

I cannot recommend Dave highly enough as an ADI teacher – roll on Part 3!

Philippa Creighton